Keeping track of good stuff I read on my Kindle while commuting

Today I learnt how to highlight good stuff I was reading on my Kindle, while standing on a commuter train, and then retrieve it from my PC later. This is fantastic. I like reading, but when I want to remember things, I don’t like copying them out. This means I can collect best bits from books, and quote them easily when I want to.

Here’s how I did it, including the crucial hyperlink for reading my highlighted sections again later (in case I forget it, or you want to do this for yourself)

How to highlight

Tap and hold a word till it goes black. Then drag until the full quote is highlighted. Pause at the bottom of the page to get a quote that spans more than one page.

A button board appears. Press Highlight. The section changes to be underlined.

How to retrieve my highlights later on my PC

It took a while to find the link, but there they all are.

What’s more, I can copy the highlighted section from this page into my OneNote or even into a blog post. Here’s a sample quote just to prove it works:

a digital curator collects, transforms, and shares digital artifacts with a critical mind. Digital curators have an agenda, a mission, or a purpose to their acquisitions. They use this to filter what they find, not simply collecting and aggregating, but distilling and dismantling. In our digital world we are content rich, but quality poor. Curators help to change this by making sense of digital content as it relates to their worlds. And the best curators do not stop at simply checking content in or out of collections—they remix, refine, and transform content for new purposes

Actually it’s not quite true. My newest notes from this morning haven’t made it on to that webpage yet, because I haven’t connected my Kindle to wifi since doing that reading this morning. Solution: sitting on the train this evening I’ve now taught my Kindle how to use the wifi hotspot on my mobile phone. Now, in the time it took to write that sentence, the latest ones have appeared.

This webpage tells me it can download my eBooks and allow me to read them even when offline. So that’s an unexpected bonus.

Does anyone else use their Kindle for learning in this way? Or has anyone gone further and used the Notes button? Do you take copious notes, or just occasional quotes?

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