How do we make them use our system?

I wonder if we’ve all seen it, maybe even done it. There’s a big splash launch of a new system or portal. It’s been high pressure for the delivery team who have a sigh of relief and disperse to their day-jobs. Some comms happen. And then someone notices that no-one is using it. And so we ask:

How do we make them use our system?

This question is wrong on so many levels for activities like knowledge sharing or social participation.

  • “We” and “them”.
  • “Make” them.
  • IT “system” focus.

David Gurteen explains the problems with this way of thinking rather nicely in his 4-min video.

Social or Fauxial?

011015_1657_Howdowemake1.pngJane Hart makes a similar point in her recent blog by inventing a new word to rhyme with social. “Fauxial learning is about forcing people to use social media in courses – or even in the workplace – and then confusing compliance with engagement (and even worse) learning.” Continue reading